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Name (Kanji): 由美
Name (Romaji): Yumi
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Eye Color: Green
Affiliation: High School Student
Anime: Episode 02

Yumi is a high school student who met a dream demon called Serio and became her vessel.


Yumi has the appearance of a teenage girl with pink-red hair and green-blue eyes. When she is at school, she wears the school uniform. When out of school she usually wears a blue dress, persumely a night-gown.


Yumi is very kind and wants to help people. Her dream was to become a nurse. She also became very attached to Serio (her dream demon), because she wanted to help Yumi make her dream come true.


Yumi was an ordinary girl, but one night while she was sleeping she met Serio who wanted to experience the dreams of humans and help Yumi make her dream come true. At first Yumi was surprised and scared, but despite that, she trusted Serio and became her vessel.


Yumi and Serio attacked in a daydream.

One day when she went to school, she met Ljima (her teacher) who asked her if she choose any school she wanted to go to, in order to learn how to nurse. Then, on her way home from school, Yumi finds herself in a daydream. There she meets Serio who told her that it is not her dream world. Then suddenly chains started attacking Yumi and Serio. Serio wanted to save Yumi, but found herself surrounded, then eventually killed by Mystleteinn. With Serio gone, Yumi was left with no dreams or ambitions. However as said by Yumeji in the last episode where Mistleteinn had finally got her Karma, that humans are not limited to one dream, forshadowing that Yumi will recover and find another dream to follow.


  • Yumi was one of the victims which had their dreams destroyed by Mystleteinn.
  • Her dream was to become a nurse.


  • (To herself) "There's so many kinds of nursing schools... I've got to think carefully about whose entrance exam I'll be taking.'"
  • (To Serio) "Serio? I really wanted to thank you, Serio. It's thanks to you that I discovered my dream of being a nurse. "