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Takateru Akiyanagi


Name (Kanji): 秋柳 貴照
Name (Romaji): Akiyanagi Takateru
Status: Alive
Gender: Male Male
Family: Miyuki (sister)
Affiliation: High School Student
Seiyuu: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Voice Actor: Chris Patton
Manga: Chapter 02
Anime: Episode 01

Another friend of Yumeji, and member of the writing club. He loves writing haikus and is often seen with a pen and a piece of paper to write on it. He has a younger sister who inspired him to write haikus.


He has blond hair.


Taka is very calm. He's nice, too.



Powers & Abilities


Saki Kirishima

Likes Saki Kirishima.

Yumeji Fujiwara

He is best friends with Yumeji.


Takateru as vessel

Takateru as Heracles vessel

  • Years ago, when Yumeji explained his ability to read auras to his friends, Takateru asked him to never read his aura, since he found the idea disturbing. Yumeji accepted and is still keeping his promise, thus making Takateru his only close friend he is not checking for signs of Dream Demon possession.
  • As of chapter 45, he is revealed to be the vessel hosting Pharos Heracles.