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Status: Deceased
Gender: Female Female
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Anime: Episode 2

Serio was a dream demon who has found a vessel in the real world named Yumi.


Serio has the appearance of a small elf with hair made of cranberry-red leaves and dark-blue flowers, her dress on the other hand is made of dark-blue leaves whilst her hands and legs are wrapped in faded-yellow bandages.


Serio was very kind and wanted to help her vessel Yumi achieve her dream of becoming a nurse.


Serio arrived in the real world to experience the dreams of a human. She found herself a vessel and has been helping Yumi (her vessel) achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. When Yumi was going to school, there she met Ijima who was rather interested in her dream and asked her about her progress.

Then while returning home after school, Yumi was pulled in daydream along with Serio. Serio immediately notices that it is not her daydream. There Yumi and Serio get trapped and eventually Serio is killed by Mistleteinn, leading to Yumi losing her dreams. However, her death, as well as the other dream demons who were killed by Mistleteinn, were avenged when Engi and Merry killed Mistleteinn, thanks to Yumeji's confidence.

Powers & Abilities

Serio doesn't have any special abilities. She is a weak dream demon.


  • She is the first (on-screen) victim to be killed by Mistleteinn.


  • (To Yumi) "Wait! Thank you. I'm Serio. An inhabitant of dreams. I'm interested in people. I want to laugh and cry, and sincerely feel, that thing called a person's dream.'"
  • (to Yumi) "I won't force you. I want to follow your dreams, too.'"