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Saki Kirishima


Name (Kanji): 霧島 咲
Name (Romaji): Kirishima Saki
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Eye Color: Purple
Affiliation: High School Student
Seiyuu: Mariya Ise
Voice Actor: Shelley Calene-Black
Manga: Chapter 01
Anime: Episode 01

Saki Kirashima is another friend of Yumeji's, and a member of the writing club. Quite tomboyish, she's fascinated by Yumeji's ability to see the aura of dreams.


She has spiky brown hair and dark blue eyes. She is usually seen either with her school uniform or with tomboyish casual clothes.


Her personality is mostly cheerful, but she gets shy when she's alone with Takateru.



Powers & Abilities

She has normal human abilities.


Takateru Akiyanagi

It is hinted she may have feelings for him. When she was told by Yumeji that he's Heracles's vessel, she felt worried and confused. However, she put her faith in Yumeji to bring him back.


  • She does not know of the existence of dream demons until Chapter 40.