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Ryōta Ijima


Name (Kanji): 飯島 良太
Name (Romaji): Ijima Ryōta
Status: Alive
Gender: Male Male
Affiliation: Human
Seiyuu: Kenichi Suzumura
Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna
Manga: -
Anime: Episode 01

An anime original character, Ryōta Ijima is a guidance counselor who talks to students about their dreams. He appears friendly and helpful to students in achieving their dreams. In reality however, he is the vessel for the dream demon, Mystleteinn, who forces his students to become vessels for dream demons so that Mystleteinn can kill them, robbing the humans of their goals.


He definitely has the stereotypical teacher appearance, with a twist. He wears his sweater vest and glasses, but the colors of his clothing are very bright, also adding to his playful facade. He also wears a hair clip that holds his bangs.


Although he seems rather playful and caring, Ijima is quite sadistic. When Mystleteinn finished killing one students dream demon, he repetively kicked the unconsious girl until blood was seen splattering onto the pavement on a seperate frame, meaning he could have actually killed her (for he was kicking her head).





His Dream Demon.


  • He seems to be a combination of characters from the manga: the job of guidance counselor from Osuga, being class 2-1's teacher from Hasumi and having the appetite of Kyō Shiragi.