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From the Other Side of the Dream


Release Date Jul 31, 2009
Chapter 04
Volume Yumekui Merry 1
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Only a Dream
Of Dreams and Hopes

REM 4: From the Other Side of the Dream is the 4th chapter of Yumekui Merry.


In the morning after Merry left the house, Yumeji, Isana and her dad are watching Guricho. Isana talks with her dad about Merry leaving and being sad about it. Her father explains that he couldn't stop her when he saw Merry's passion in order to fulfill her goal, and he also tells Yumeji to stop making a heartbroken face.

As the show was ending, Yumeji tells everyone that he is going out for a bit and Isana asks him why. He (joking) tells her that he is off to fight bad guys like Guricho. Then the end show astrlogy anounces that Cancers are going to have bad luck which made Isana tease Yumeji a bit. It continues that their lucky number is 17 and color is black while also advising to keep their head up. Yumeji tells Isana that he isn't going to believe it. Later he is outside after changing to a black shirt with the number 17 on it while reminding himself to keep his head up.

In the park, Merry was ontop of a rope jungle gym daydreaming of donuts as the neighborhood kids were gathering around looking at her. Merry then noticed them and asked them what they were looking at startling the kids. When she landed after jumping off the kids ran away except for one girl.