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Protectors of Dreams

Ep11 title

Yume no Moribito
Air Date March 25, 2011
Episode 11
Opening Song Daydream Syndrome
Ending Song Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi
Episode Guide
Not Waking from a Dream


Yumeji and Merry take Isana to Yui and Engi so that they can meet her dream demon, Pallette, who explains how Mystleteinn forced her to make Isana her vessel. Merry wants to send her back, but isn't confident enough to try so with Isana's dreams at stake. Meanwhile, Chizuru confronts Ijima, who reveals his intentions to kill Pallette, as well as questioning Yumeji's abilities, though Chizuru is too conflicted by her duties to Leon to warn Yumeji or Isana. Later that day, Ijima and Mistelteinn make their attack on Isana and Pallette, also planning to lure out Chizuru and Leon, but Merry and Yumeji appear to protect them. Mistelteinn overwhelms Merry whilst Yumeji's attempt to rescue is thwarted by Ijima, who reveals that Chizuru had done nothing to prevent the deaths of other dream demons. As Mistelteinn prepares to kill both Pallette and Isana, Chizuru decides to stand in their way to protect her. Ijima and Mistelteinn decide to retreat, promising to resume their battle following the exams.