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Status: Deceased
Gender: Male Male
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Seiyuu: Takaya Kuroda
Voice Actor: Jay Hickman
Anime: Episode 10

Lestion or Leon is a dream demon who wants to take revenge on Mistleteinn. His vessel is Chizuru Kawanami.


Lestion has the appearance of a cowboy like man. He has a gun and a huge hat that makes his face be in shadow most of the time.


Leon is very focused on his revenge. He does not care what the cost is, as far as he accomplishes his goal. He is very cold but understands Chizuru's pain. He sympathizes with her.


Lestion was one of the dream demons that attempted to defeat Mistleteinn. He and his comrades battled her countless times but all of Lestions comrades were killed. By some miracle, Lestion survived, and set his eyes on taking revenge on Mistleteinn. To prevent her from destroying anymore dreams and killing dream demons.


Powers & Abilities

Lestion has a gun that he claims can defeat Mistleteinn. However, the ammo for the gun is the despair and agony of the killed dream demons. If Lestion were to fire the gun he would be killed, as he is the gunpowder of the gun.

He is also shown to be a extremely capable fighter, being the first one to actually hurt Mistleteinn. He has guns mounted on his arms that fire blue bullets.


  • Lestion lost many of his comrades because of Mistleteinn.