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Maze Landsborough

Name (Kanji): ランズボロー
Name (Romaji): Ranzuborō
Status: Alive
Gender: Male Male
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Seiyuu: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Voice Actor: Greg Ayres
Manga: Chapter 02
Anime: Episode 08

A clown like dream demon in service of Hercules who possesses Ken as his vessel. His daydream world is a huge circus-like maze, and he constantly uses his wily words to psyche out his opponents.


Landsborough has a large ivory-colored head with one blue eye. He wears a gold-colored scarf around his neck and a white dress-coat with two green beads dangling from the collar. He wears a pair of puffy purple pants and pointed brown shoes. Both his arms and legs are stick-like. He also wears a pointed red hat with white polka-dots.


Though his personality is as cold as ice, he is somewhat playful with his enemies and plays cruel games with them. He shares no relationship with his vessel, only using him as a tool for his games.



Powers & Abilities

He himself said that he was one of the weaker dream demons.

In the manga, he first introduces himself by dragging Merry, Yumeji, Yiu, and Engi into his daydream, a maze he calls Caprice Clown. Using a controller shaped like his face, he can manipulate the daydream's environment. He also has life-like dolls that act as sentries that attack the group. His daydream has a circus cage that holds Ken, his captive human vessel. He has no power of his own, instead using his wits to psyche out his opponents like he does with Enji and Merry.

When Yumeji uses Landsborough's ability as a Lucid Gadget, he yells out "Maze!" and calls forth one of the life-like dolls Landsborough used to attack Yumeji and his friends.