Kagefumi Merry

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Release Date May 08, 2011
Character (s) Merry Nightmare (Doppelganger)
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Kagefumi Merry (影踏みメリー Shadow Stomper Merry) is the adapted spin-off manga of Yumekui Merry, by Ushiki Yoshitaka and Tsurubuchi Kenji.


Kagefumi Merry takes place before the events of Yumekui Merry, and follows the adventures of a slightly different Merry than we are familiar with.



Merry Nightmare (Doppelganger)

A female humanoid Dream Demon who calls herself Merry Nightmare. She is actually an unknown Dream Demon who was transformed into a Wiles clone, taking away her own memories and identity. On her way to the Real World to gain a vessel as ordered by Wiles, she touched the Gate which suddenly transformed her into a doppelganger of the real Merry Nightmare with some of her memories, freeing her from Wiles control. Wanting to stop Wiles, she set out to kill him even knowing that it would kill herself as well. She found a vessel in Yuuki Yanagoika who helped her in her quest.

Yuuki Yanagoika

A young college student living in an apartment. He had reoccurring dreams of being chased by a shadowy figure and being pushed off a ledge by them. One day during class, he dozes off and in a Daydream meets a female Dream Demon calling herself "Merry Nightmare" who saved him from a Wiles clone. He then became the vessel of this Merry after losing a bet.


"Great Actor" Wiles

A male humanoid Dream Demon with the power to convert other Dream Demons into clones of himself. He wants to us his clones to take many vessels so he can experience the Real World for his own amusement. He can also bring out a black substance to entangle others, it can manifest in the Real World. His vessel is Kanta Takazuka.


A humanoid Dream Demon. He is the third Dream Demon who met the real Merry Nightmare. He is a temporary ally of Wiles and was able to return the Dream World

Other characters

Fuyumi Nishimura

A high school girl who is the daughter of Yuuki's landlady who is a friend and classmate of Aya Takazuka. She has a crush on Yuuki. She is able to remember the dreams she had.

Kanta Takazuka

Yuuki's friend and classmate in college who is the older brother of Aya Takazuka. He is unwillingly the vessel of Wiles.

Rintaro Akiyama

A college teacher who is the vessel of Isaac.


An owl looking Dream Demon. He is one of the first two Dream Demons who met the real Merry Nightmare. His vessel is Akiyama.

Aya Takazuka

A high school girl who is a friend and classmate of Fuyumi. She is the vessel of Torcher.


A skeleton looking Dream Demon. He is one of the first two Dream Demons who met the real Merry Nightmare. His vessel is Aya Takazuka.

Merry Nightmare

The real Merry Nightmare. She isn't the main focus of this manga.


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