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Isana Tachibana


Name (Kanji): 橘 勇魚
Name (Romaji): Tachibana Isana
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
  • Rikka High School (Student)
  • STO Cafe (Waitress)
Class: 2-1
Seiyuu: Ai Kayano
Voice Actor: Brittney Karbowski
Manga: Chapter 01
Anime: Episode 01

Isana Tachibana is Yumeji's childhood friend. Daughter of the proprietor of the STO cafe in the city, she's a kind and quiet shy girl who works with her father. Yumeji saved her as she was about to fall from a playground when she was young. In the manga, she is one of the 67 humans that "Familiar" Legion tried to make into vessels. In the anime, she was forcibly made into the vessel of Pallette.


Isana has silver/a very light purple hair which is usually tied in pigtails. She has dark brown eyes.


Isana is a very kind and sweet girl. Although she can get very angry at times like when Yumeji peeps on her.


Isana and Yumeji met when his parents dropped him off at the Tachibana residence for when they go off for work. An important event for her is when Isana slipped and fell off of the top of the playground and Yumeji caught her which injured his hand.

She also commented once that she has a feeling that she had met Merry before but shook the idea off as her imagination. She's in love with Yumeji and asks Merry what kind of feelings she has for him. After being targeted by Legion, Yumeji and Merry tell her the truth about dream demons. She took it better than they expected.

Getting to know Kyou Shiragi causes Isana to worry, when he sarcastically claims to be the one who saved her at the playground. Relieved to have been wrong when Merry recounts that it was both she and Yumeji who actually saved her.


She was at the cafe in the morning with her dad when Saki came in and asked for cold coffee. Saki then asked her if Yumeji is there and Isana answers that he should be awake soon. They then talked about Yumeji's situation of staying over and Saki teases Isana.

Powers & Abilities

Isana as a human does not have any extraordinary powers. She is a capable artist. She is also a good cook due to learning from her father.


Merry Nightmare

Merry and Isana soon became friends when they met. Merry knows that Isana likes Yumeji but seems fine with that.

Yumeji Fujiwara

Yumeji and Isana have been close friends since childhood. Isana loves Yumeji but she does not tell him from cowardice. After both he and Merry revealed the existence of Dream Demons to her, she became more closer to him.

Yui Konagi

Isana met Yui when she was helping to train Yumeji and Merry. At first, she was worried about what kind of relationship was between Yui and Yumeji but soon she grew close to her.


It is proven that Isana weights more than Merry while playing seesaw.