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Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Hairstyle: Black
Eye Color: Black
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Seiyuu: Yuka Iguchi
Voice Actor: Maggie Flecknoe
Manga: Chapter 4
Anime: Episode 3

Ichima is a Dream Demon who tried to get Minato as her vessel.


She has long black hair and a white hakama with the sleeves woven together and black pants. Her pupils are shaped as a spiral when angry.


Although she acts like a yandere toward Minato in her first appearance, her true personality is more of tsundere after she appears again getting angry at Minato and her friends but then apologizing for it then getting mad again.


She becomes Minato's dream demon and makes a vow with Minato stating that she cannot make friends.


After Merry and Yumeji played Kick the Can with Minato, they are invited to her world in a Daydream. Knowing that Minato made friends, she attempts to attack her but is defeated by Merry.

Later in the autumn, she has appeared again this time without the need of a vessel. She still claims to be Minato's only friend despite the fact Minato no longer has any memory of her, after getting angry at Minato's new friends she takes her leave but says she will be back. She then defends them from another Dream Demon named Hrimthurs but they had to run away when Ichima ran out of kokeshi to attack with. They were rescued by Merry and Alberio when they caused Hrimthurs to retreat.

In the latest chapter, she tells Yumeji that she can't reveal who she really is to Minato and how she knows her until Minato remembers who she is on her own.

Powers & Abilities

She has the power to stretch out her arms and summon and drop giant kokeshi statues.

She can make small kokeshi that can be used as a locator beacon.

When Yumeji uses her ability as a Lucid Gadget, he yells out "Loneliness!" and drops a giant kokeshi.


Minato Kisaragi

She is the human that Ichima is obsessed with. She wanted to be her only friend and had forbidden her to make any. She tried to make Minato her vessel but Merry sent her back to the Dream World. Later when she is able to manifest in reality, she wanted to apologize to Minato but stopped herself since Minato lost her memory of her and she did not want her to remember. Despite that, she is protective of Minato and defends her when she was targeted by Hrimthurs.


  • Based on her outfit and her dream world, she might be a yokai.
  • She is a dojikko like Minato, easily tripping over her kimono.