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Status: Deceased
Gender: Male Male
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Anime: Episode 07

Delga was a dream demon who was helping his vessel Masaru achieve his dream of becoming a hero.


Delga has the appearance of a viking. His body is covered in bandages, on top of them he wears a fur coat. He also has two horns on his head.


Delga was very confident, brave and acted as a hero in front of Masaru. He would protect him no matter what.


When visiting the beach Masaru met his superhero called Guricho which he watches on TV. There he got pulled into Mistleteinn's daydream. When Masaru and Delga were in the daydream, they were wondering who pulled them in. There they met Mistleteinn, who wanted to destroy Masaru's dream. Delga knowing this defended Masaru and defeated Mistleteinn. While they were confident that she was defeated, Masaru notices she is still alive. Then she deals Delga the finishing blow and kills him. Leaving Masaru with no dreams. However his death was aveged when Engi and Merry killed Mistleteinn, as for his vessal, Masaru, as stated by Yumeji that humans are not limited to one dream, will evetually recover and find another dream to follow.

Powers & Abilities

Delga didn't have any special attacks but he was strong in muscle.


  • He was killed by Mistleteinn.
  • Masaru considered Delga his hero.


  • (To Masaru) "Masaru, as long as you believe in me, I shall never be defeated."
  • (To Mistleteinn) "Don't you dare touch Masaru! I will protect Masaru's dream!''"