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Chizuru Kawanami


Name (Kanji): 河浪 千鶴
Name (Romaji): Kawanami Chizuru
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: High School Student
Seiyuu: Kana Ueda
Voice Actor: Melissa Davis
Manga: Chapter ?
Anime: Episode 01
An anime original character, Chizuru is a mysterious transfer student who Isana tries to make friends with. She appears to have an interest in other people's dreams. Chizuru is the human vessel to a dream demon known as Lestion, or she sometimes calls him Leon.


Chizuru has long dark-red hair that is kept down, she has a few pins in her hair to keep her bangs out of the except for a strand of hair that takes a 'zigzag' look it seems. She has rather keen and not as big eyes as some characters, her eyes are as well brown. Chizuru wears the same uniform as most of the characters (excluding Yui), but outside of school it seems she often wears an old P.E. uniform when she's at home. She has a pile of clothes which often she'll just seem to put on when she heads out.


Chizuru seems to be rather distant and emotionless, stating she got rid of feelings and emotions long ago. It seems that during when Isana was going to get hurt by Mistelteinn, she stepped in saying she's her friend. Though Ijima commented her to be "selfish" since she only stood by while strangers dreams were being destroyed but now that a friends dream is going to vanish she steps in. Chizuru after meeting Isana seems to have changed a little though, she still doesn't show any emotions but seems to have concerns for Isana.


Not much of her history is known yet but it seems her parents were deep in debt and killed themselves, that may be the reason Chizuru got rid of her emotions.


Powers & Abilities

As a human, she doesn't have any powers.


Isana Tachibana

She is very good friends with her.


Chizuru's dream demon. They understand each other and have a lot in common.

Yumeji Fujiwara

A friend.


  • She does not remember Isana Tachibana or anyone else in Episode 13.
  • She is a good swimmer.