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Astray in a Dream

Ep5 title

Yume no naka de asutorei
Air Date February 4, 2011
Episode 5
Opening Song Daydream Syndrome
Ending Song Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi
Episode Guide
Dream Eater Merry
Dream Encounter


Yumeji and Merry go grocery shopping, where Yumeji learns that Merry had apparently arrived in the real world about 10 years ago. They later meet a girl named Yui Kōnagi, with Yumeji helping her rescue a doll she dropped. Yui, who is actually the vessel of a dream demon named Engi Threepiece has her trigger a daydream within which Yumeji and Merry are caught up with him. Engi questions them about someone named Pharaos Heracles, before beginning to fight with Merry. As Merry talks about sending Engi back to where she came from, Engi reveals that there is no way back for dream demons, revealing her sister was killed when she entered the real world. Questioning whether she has actually been doing the right thing, Merry is unable to fight back against Engi, forcing Yumeji to stand between them, receiving a slash to his chest.