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Anri Hiiragi

Anri hiiragi

Name (Romaji): Anri Hiiragi
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Manga: Chapter 65

Anri Hiiragi is a classmate of Yui and Nao. She is also a mangaka who is not very confident of her own work. Kyō implanted a scarecrow Dream Demon in her but was saved by the combined efforts of Ren with Quartier, Merry and Yumeji.


She is blonde and wears clips on her bangs and a Basque-style beret that has a weird character on it. She wears glasses.



Anri started drawing manga when she was young. She would often show it to her neighbor Eri whom she thought of as a sister. Eri encourages her, saying that she has talent and that her brother thinks so too. Eri and her family eventually moved away 6 years before the start of the series.

When Anri showed her manga to her classmates, they were disappointed that it was not to their liking. Anri then started to make manga on their preferences and stop showing her own to others.

Some time later, before the start of the series, she gained an editor to coach her but often butt heads with him.


Some time in the middle of September, she and her editor were at a madame Donut arguing about her latest draft she submitted. This gained the attention of a girl sitting nearby who went up to defend her.

Powers & Abilities

She is a normal human. She is a good artist and mangaka. Being a former attempted vessel, she is able to see Dream Demons that manifest in reality while normal people can't.