Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Manga: Chapter 30

"Sonar" Clione is a dream demon, she used to be the guide in the world of dreams until she was kidnapped by Hercules.


Clione seems to have no negative feelings to the humans because she does not support the plans of Hercules. She felt extremely guilty when John asked about Cactus, recalling how he was butchered by Hercules. She does not like people coming to her scenario as she is the only one who is allowed to stand there.

She feels terrible about Miyuki and Takateru and wants to save them. She agrees with Merry that nightmares should not be in the human world.


She has long blonde hair that has some bits styled in two short horns. She wears a large hat that can hide and hold her long hair. Her dress skirt fully hides her lower half while the top is white with a green trim that is cut to expose her torso. She also wears evening gloves that poof-up when they go up to her elbows.


While Clione was working on her function as a guide, was suddenly seized by Hercules and trapped in Miyuki, the sister of Taka, a year before the beginning of history. And since then she has been captive by Hercules.



She has a very beautiful singing voice.

Sonar: Clione can identify dream demons and their positions in real time. She demonstrates this power by naming both John Doe and Merry by their wavelengths. She can do this anytime afterward, but she must first have met the dream demon in person. Also, Clione states that she can only use her sonar if she is on her stage (which is why only she is allowed on it).

She serves a similar role to Merry, as she is able to guide humans who wander into the Dreamworld to dream demons whose Gardens reflect the humans' personalities.



  • Her name Clione comes from the genus in the family Clionidea in the superfamily Clionoidea where they are also known as "Sea Angels" or "Naked Sea Butterflies". Her "hair horns" resemble the "horns" found on them.