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"Maestro" Achtelnote


Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Family: Each other (twins)
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Manga: Chapter 41

Twin Nightmares Aeolian and Ionian Achtelnote who tried to make Nao Horie their shared vessel.


The twins have a very classic fashion, somewhat resembling a music conductor. They have hair that curls up sharply at the end, and is most likely a blonde color. On one of there hands is a weird little hand puppet thing, that acts as a baton.


They are very ignorant, and referred to the gang as idiots and many similar terms. For the most part, whenever someone spoke they reacted by covering their ears and stating "I cant stand that sound." The twins also appear quite snobby and rude to anyone they find below their ranking.


Nothing is known about the twins past, refer to the "Plot" section below, to see what is currently known about the characters.


They invaded the dreams of Nao in an attempt to make her their shared vessel. When asked how having a shared vessel was possible by Engi, they responded that it wasn't part of her time. Its similar to Legion's attempt to collect multiple vessels at one time.

Powers & Abilities

  • Score note: summons a living musical notes that attack the enemy
  • Score appassionato: Summons a horn attacks with a sound wave to the opponent
  • Score staccato note: attacks with musical strings
  • Score bruscamente: summons a multiple horn attacks a sound wave to the opponent
  • Score grave: A stronger version of the score appassionato
  • Sound wall: A coat like a window
  • Score pause: Notes are used to reconstruct the parts of the body



  • Their blood has shape of musical notes
  • Their names are related to music.
    • Maestro is the term to refer to a conductor.
    • Achtelnote is German for "eighth note" (quaver).