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Chain Noir

Chain Noir

Name (Kanji): チェイン ノワール
Name (Romaji): Chein Nowāru
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Manga: Chapter 18

"Chain" Noir was a dream demon serving under Hercules, who uses chains to trap her enemies. She was using Hina Furumachi as her vessel.


Noir is seen with white hair which has black strands running through it. She wears black gloves on her hands, and wears some sort of feather-made shall over her shoulders. Her clothes cover her chest just a little bit, and her places that are located near legs are opened, somewhat bearing resemblance to a skimpy one-piece bathing suit. She also wears black boots. She has a tail made of chains that has a metal blade at the tip.


Chain has a very sadistic and dominatrix-like personality. She also can be very perverted and bitchy.


She is one of Hercules' earliest followers.


Powers & Abilities

Ability to create and manipulate chains in any direction. She mainly use them to bind the opponents.


  • Chain-linked hammer, "Tuberose's thunder": A giant fist with a great power capable of changing of direction.
  • Chain-linked battle-round: "Chain" Noir creates an army of humanoid effigies made of chains, their arms are massive. The number is unknown but was likely to overcome the army of John .
  • Chain-linked Spear "Tuberose's wedge": A spear tethered by chains that can change direction.


Pharos Hercules

The master whom she serves.

"Maze" Landsborough

A recent follower of Hercules whom she sometime partners with when he joined.


  • Noir means Black in French so her name means "Black Chain".